Mabco Egypt & Co

41, Al Basra Square, Off Degla St,Taxes Buildings , First floor, Mohandeseen,Giza, Egypt.


Accounting and Auditing
Mabco Egypt & Co

Conduct audits monthly and quarterly and annual (commercial - industrial - Import- Export - Construction - Hotels - Tourism - Hospitals). Accounting systems design integrated approach approved activity.
Carry out all types of financial and technical analysis of the financial statements.
Bookkeeping, accounting business administration on a daily basis and preparation of final financial statements of the entity.
Development of internal control systems on all accounts and the terms of the center and the final lists of the facility.
Auditing standards according to the latest requirements of the Ministry of investment.
Develop monitoring systems to assist the investment decision-makers.
Development of financial systems and responsibility accounting.
Develop financial and administrative regulations for the organization of work.
Develop systems planning budgets, financial and accounting policies of their review the budget and tax declaration.