Mabco Egypt & Co

41, Al Basra Square, Off Degla St,Taxes Buildings , First floor, Mohandeseen,Giza, Egypt.


Mabco Egypt & Co


  • Corporate Income Tax.
  • Salary Tax.
  • Stamp Tax.
  • Value added tax (VAT).
  • Real Estate tax.
  • Corporate Income Tax

Reviewing the budget and final accounts of the facility and financial analyzes related to the center and preparation and processing facility for examination and defend in front of committees and commissions of the internal appeal.
Dealing with all the problems of tax resulting from applying of tax law no.91 of 2005.
Resolve all tax disputes between the facilities and do all the work of the tax inspection. It shall review and sign the tax declaration.

  • Salary Tax.

Set up an account on a regular basis monthly salary and quarterly returns and annual reconciliations.
Preparation for testing and represents the company before the tax office, committees and Appeal Committee.

  • Stamp Tax.

The office provides all counseling stamp and processing of the examination.
Value added tax (VAT).
Our office submits monthly sales tax return on monthly and regular basis.
Preparing the file for tax examination before taxation tax office and in front of the dispute settlement committees.

  • Assist the company to refund sales tax.
  • Real Estate Tax  

Our office provides comprehensive tax solutions for real estate tax law as well as the office submit the annual declaration for the taxpayer.